“What a relief to be doing something, finally, after all these years. I can't believe I waited so long to get help.  I learned that a pill can not resolve the emotions of the heart. It can only prolong it. Eventually you have to resolve it.   The sooner you do the quicker you begin to enjoy your world” No more anti-depressents!
C. Jones

“I suffered with Bell's Palsy. I was afraid my beautiful smile would be ruined for life. I had several sessions of energy healing and hypnosis. My smile is better than ever.  Dr. Giles also helped me with a speedy recovery from cancer.” 
R. Boston

“I just could not get up in the mornings. All I wanted to do was sleep. I could not stand to be in darkness.  The room had to be bright the atmosphere cheery. I had been on anti-depressant medication off and on for years. I was sick of being depressed. I was sick of feeling like I was going to have to take medication for the rest of my life so I could exist never happy, just a functional zombie. I am now totally free of anti-depressants.”  My sessions with Dr. Giles were not just about getting rid of depression.  It was about finding my inner strength, my empowerment and living life to the fullest for rest of my life. Life is so good I can't believe I was every unhappy!'
J. Truesdale

My daughter was in the fifth grade and had never made a passing grade. She was always placed in the next grade by the school system.  At the beginning of 5th grade she was sexually abused by her step father.  Her mother never supported her accusation in any way.  This really added to the emotional distress.  Dr. Giles worked with her through her trauma and helped her with self esteem, confidence and being a high achiever. 

The following year she made honor roll and passed.  The step father eventually went to jail. Thank you Dr. Giles for your support and encouragement through out this ordeal!
C. Harris

I recently participated in Dr. Giles and Bridgette Graham's 12 week Rapid Weight Loss Program. I had tried every weight loss program you could think of over the years and had never lost a significant amount of weight.  I was in tears when I spoke to Dr. Giles in my first session.  In just 12 weeks I donated 25 pounds to the universe. I can't believe how youthful and glowing I look. The two of them are so sincere and dedicated to your well being.  I am a healthy, vibrant and energetic senior citizen. I feel so blessed!  I know they must be tired of me saying so.  But thank you so much!!

Dr. N.B, Ph.D

Several years ago I experienced the growth of a goiter in my throat.  I had reached a point where there would be times while driving that I just could not swallow.  The throat muscles would not move.  My doctor referred me to an oncologist who did a sonogram and determined that I had a slow growing growth with mass and fluid.  I asked him to write me  a prescription for hypnosis (insurance will sometimes pay for sessions) and allow me 90 days to see if I could get my body to reverse it. The hypnotherapist, my mentor Dr. Terry Richmond, DCH, worked with me for approximately 4 to 5 weeks to find the emotional cause.  (Humiliation)  Certainly had enough of that in my life time and of course menopause did not help.  Needless to say in less than 90 days the goiter went away. I had another sonogram to verify that it had disappeared.  Thank heavens my oncologist Dr. Hamburg was willing to work with me.  In my follow up visit, my general practitioner pretended like it was never there. He would not acknowldge in any way that I had resolved the issue without surgery.

Medical doctors often perform miralces under the worst conditons.  Dr. Hamburg worked wonders for my friend with breast cancer.  I assisted her during a process to help her use her own abilities to heal more rapidly without unnecessary pain, medication and discomfort.  Medical Hypnosis is a compliment to medical care.  Medical conditions require appropriate medical attention before, after and during any hypnotherapy session.

I had time to explore my options!  My results where to the benefit of my health and my way of thinking! Don't cut me unless it is absolutely necessary.

My personal testimony...Wanda

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