Our Staff are Professionals
Dr. Wanda Giles- Mentalist, Metaphysician, Hypnotherapist, Reverend in the Healing Arts, Certified Hypnosis Instructor
A native of Virginia, graduate of American College of Theology, Minnesota with a PhD in Metaphysical Science, an undergraduate of  the Yamuni Institute of the Healing Arts with a Bachelors of Science in Health Science, Alpha University in Louisiana, with an M.S  in Behavioral Science with a major in hypnotherapy, Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Sciences.

IMDHA Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Specialty Certification in Medical Hypnosis. Practitioner of Energy Healing with certifications in Reiki, The Reconnection and the Yuen Method..   .

A volunteer at Sentara General Hospital, Virginia Beach on the alternative care special assistance team, providing energy healing and talk therapy to patients at their request.  President of the local chapter of the oldest national women's advocate group the BPW/USA. Business Professional Women Group and member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). 

Membership  International Medical,  Dental and Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) National Guild for Hypnotherapist (NGH), International Hypnotherapy Association for Accreditation (IHAA)

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Sakara Kemilla - Spiritual Leader, Intuitive, Healer
Sakara has had a life long interest in healing and spirituality. Her studies and travels have taken her around the world to multiple countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America and throughout the US. Her focus has been upon ancient wisdom traditions of many cultures and Higher Sensory Perception, and Energy Healing. Sakara's healing practice includes work to benefit people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Drawing upon her expertise in energy healing, whole brain integration, past life research, women's rites of passage, emotional balancing and healing, color therapy, meditation, and purification of the atmosphere Sakara shares a wide palate of offerings with clients and students of "the work." She was a healer-in-residence in London, England's Double Edge Theater in the early 1990's and her workshop presentations in the United States, Scandinavia, and Great Britain have been well-received. Currently she lives in Virginia Beach, VA. Her practice include long-distance client services such as trance state healing, vibrational health assessment, emotional balancing and healing, and intuitive counseling. www.soultouchhealingstudio.com

Sakara is certified and mentored in multiple healing protocols, including:
* Gendai Reiki-Ho
* Karuna Reiki
* Omega-Shatki Energy Healing
* Aura-Soma Color Healing
* Brain-Gym
* One Brain Body-Mind Integration
* Applied Kinesiology
* Flower Essence Personalized Elixers
* Agnihotra Sacred Fire Ceremony
* Armotherapy/Essential Oils
* Women's Rites of Passage
* Energy Cleansing for Home and Office
* Ma'at Mastery Emotional Balancing Program
* Intuitive Coaching