Intermediate and Advanced 220 hours 


Each student will be personally interviewed via the telephone, and screened before being admitted into the school. He/she will have to submit a full application prior to the first day of class with the appropriate fee.

There are no laws in the State of Virginia licensing Hypnotherapy, 888 Brain Science Development Institute offers a diploma and certification program. To receive the diploma the student must demonstrate, by testing his/her knowledge and ability in the field of hypnosis.
He or she must accumulate at least 220 (150 in classroom and 70 independent studies)
 hours of practical experience, which includes homework.  

The majority of this time will be spent in a supervised classroom program. Upon completion of 220 hours the student is qualified to request and take the Certification examination given by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®. 

1. The student will receive instruction in all areas of foundational hypnosis including but not limited to the following:

The Fundamentals of Hypnosis Course - 
  • History Of Hypnosis
  • Theories And Definitions of Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Trance Management
  • Basic Laws Of Suggestion

Application of hypnotherapy for weight control, habit control, phobias, stress control, study habits, sexual dysfunction, self-image, and medical procedures, etc.
  • How To Set Up A Practice
  • Office Routine
  • Community Relations
  • Hypnosis And The law

Graduate with a Diploma in the Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Advanced Hypnosis Course - Those who have completed basic hypnosis

  • Analytical Hypnosis
  • The Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing
  • Medical Hypnosis - Pain Relief, Cancer, Depression and Recovery
  • Transpersonal Hypnosis
  • Entities andSpirit Release - Dr. Mitchell Gibson
  • How To Write And Record A Script

Graduate with a Certificate in Advanced Hypnosis

2.  In both courses each student will achieve the goal of becoming a professional Hypnotherapist by:

  • .Attending lectures on hypnosis and by observing demonstrations of hypnosis
  • .Doing periodical reports
  • .Reading books and periodicals in the field of hypnotherapy
  • .Being tested by both oral and written exams
  • .Actually practicing hypnotic techniques

3.  The student will be required to write a paper on hypnosis called Hypnosis My Perception.

Students will also have a written exam and demonstrate their ability to hypnotize. 

The International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association®
The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® is the largest Hypnosis organization focusing on Hypnosis and Health Care. Founded in 1986, IMDHA promotes greater acceptance of hypnosis as a complementary protocol with broad applications. Today, IMDHA offers workshops, certification , and networking opportunities that can enhance both one's professional and personal life.

IMDHA is unique among Hypnosis organizations. The members cross a broad range of occupations and professions. They include and are not limited to: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, doctors, nurses, dentists as well as teachers, addictions counselors, priests, ministers and a vast variety of therapists. As an interdisciplinary organization, IMDHA provides an opportunity to learn from and interact with colleagues in diverse holistic  health care disciplines. This allows for a cross fertilization of ideas and applications that meshes neatly with current trends, such as mind-body-spirit health and integrative medicine.

IMDHA strives to provide and encourage education programs to further, the knowledge, understanding, and application  of hypnosis in complimentary health care; to encourage research and scientific publication in the field of hypnosis; to promote the further recognition and acceptance of hypnosis as an important tool in health care and focus for scientific research; to cooperate with other professional organizations that share mutual goals, ethics and interests; and to provide a professional community for those complimentary health care professionals, therapists and researchers who use hypnosis in their work. It is designed to be a Referral Service of Certified Members to health care providers as well as the general public. The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® is a Referral  Service dedicated to providing the community with excellently trained Certified Hypnotherapists. IMDHA Practitioners work harmoniously with allied healthcare professionals to aid individuals in dealing with specific challenges and procedures.

IMDHA Approved Schools

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association® offer world-wide Hypnosis Training Schools from which to choose. Many are state-approved and/or licensed. You may decide if you wish to pursue your certification requirements through a weekend training format, an apprenticeship training format, or a residential intensive format. IMDHA requires a minimum of 220 hours (150 classroom and 70 independent study) before applying for the Certification Examination.
The field of Hypnotherapy is continuing to expand and one can find appropriate training in any one of these focus areas: general hypnosis; medical hypnosis, dental hypnosis, forensic hypnosis, sports hypnosis, business/education hypnosis, regression hypnosis, behavioral hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a tool in psychotherapy.

Most hypnotherapy schools  teach students to offer sessions that deal with: smoking cessation, weight control, stress, fear elimination, habit extinction, personal growth, spiritual growth, performance enhancement, sleeplessness, past-life regression and behavioral change. Other topics of which hypnotherapy schools instruct are on ethics and professionalism, marketing  and when to refer to a psychotherapist and or a licensed healthcare professional.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the IMDHA approved Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy schools feel free to check IMDHA links above for a school in your area and contact the school today.

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