Point of View

Point of View

Suffer Not

by Dr. Wanda Giles on 04/02/11

May God's Light shine upon those who are suffering!  May the world hear your plea, may the people respond with kindness and generosity. May your cries be heard and acted upon with swiftness, mercy and heart felt love.

Mother God, Father God, Master Jesus, Guardian Angels of the Universe, Ascended Masters lift me up beyond despair. Give me light, give me love, give me hope, warmth, food, nurturing, security, sound mind and body, give me shelter. Give me abundant joy and peace for I desire it. I am a child of God. I am deserving of all things wonderful!  Most important, I promise to be grateful, to show gratitude and give it back in kind! I ask for forgiveness for all those I may have trespassed against and ask for forgiveness in return. I am one with God, radiating light and manifesting "Love." I offer my service to God and mankind in love.

God did not mean for anyone to suffer.

Love, Peace and Blessings

Your Mind Works - Manifest from the Heart

by Dr. Wanda Giles on 01/24/11

Our mind is so powerful that we create our life situations.  We often hear people talk of manifesting that for which you desire.  There are several ways to accomplish the task of manifesting a reality that's congruient to your hearts desire.  First it really, really has to be your hearts desire.  You can not manifest an outcome for someone else.  So what is it that you want most for yourself?

Your subconsious mind must know that this is your true desire. It must be a repetitive thought.  There are diffent ways to create the repetitive suggestion.  You can write it down.  You can post  a picture of it, you can sing about daily in great detail, you can build a physical image of it.  But what ever it is that you want you must have a strong emotional expectation of receiving it.   You must also create an action that will insure the possibility of receiving it is real.  Move in the direction of your desire!

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